Our Vision

Our vision is to build and develop the most reliable temporary workforce in the country,
creating jobs and opportunities, whilst increasing employability and skills.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build and develop the most reliable temporary workforce in the country,
creating jobs and opportunities, whilst increasing employability and skills.

Who is D&D Recruit?

D&D Recruit was established in 2013 and transformed into a multi-skilled group in 2019. We now have two business divisions, concentrating on the ‘wheels to door’ basis within the logistics sector. We work hand-in-hand with our clients, on-site or remotely as an integrated business partner, bringing operational and HR recruitment expertise to an enlarged team.

Teamwork and respect, passion and quality are just some of our core values that are central to our service delivery.

We are a rapidly growing agency and can resource, recruit and mobilise workforces at scale and at pace to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. Whether it’s matching the highs and lows of seasonality on a continual basis or moving the burden of workforce recruitment, compliance and planning from your HR and operations teams to allow them to become more strategically-focused, we can deliver.

Our key goals are to champion flexibility, build reliable talent pools, deliver cost efficiency, and to increase performance.

Our Branches

We are a national network that works at a local level. In each branch office, we have multi-disciplined teams from driving to industrial divisions. Our driving division provides HGV to LGV drivers for logistics and transportation operations throughout the UK. Our industrial division provides workers for warehousing, from the loading bay to forklift truck operators to ‘pick and pack’ teams.

We can recruit, train, and manage your flexible workforce nationally from any one of our five regional offices and can work both physically from our office, your site, or virtually by utilising our state-of-the-art software solutions.

We find the right workers, whenever you need them.

Finding and handling workers for your variable workforce can be a headache. Relying on agencies who don’t deliver the right type of worker for the right role wastes money, time and effort. Better to get it right, first time.

When we founded D&D in 2013, it was our mission to become the go-to temporary staffing agency for the logistics sector. Seven years later, we’ve quickly grown to become the agency of choice for many large organisations across the UK. We’ve achieved this by constantly asking the same simple question:

“What would the best temporary recruitment company in the world do?”

By answering this through innovation and implementation, we can help you to transform your business.

What makes us different

We work across sectors, from large to small.

  • We vet and check every worker, so you’re safe in the knowledge that our compliance is 100% up to date, protecting your brand.
  • Our National Talent Pool provides instant access to resources for your labour needs.
  • We have a proven track record in large scale transition of workers and provide added value through performance improvement and retention increases and overall reduction in total costs.
  • When other agencies clock off for the day, we’re still there for when you need a worker or team at short notice. You can call us 24 hours a day, 364 days a year (except Christmas Day) and we’ll always find your someone to fill the role.

Unlike other agencies, we do the basics well, such as paying workers on time and treating them with respect – after all, they’re on our team as much as they’re on your team. The result is happier, more productive workers who show up ready to focus on the job at hand.  
You want experienced workers in the right roles working at optimal productivity. That’s why our goal isn’t to simply fill the role but to find the right worker for you. This focus ensures you have an experienced, motivated worker doing what they do best and ensures staff turnover is kept to a minimum. 

How we recruit and manage – the D&D way

We recruit from job boards, website, social media and referrals from existing workers, the latter being our greatest strength, such is the relationship with our Talent Pool.

We tailor our screening process to suit your requirements, and through a combination of both our own and your screening processes, we match candidates to your available roles.

We offer protection on both compliance and ethical standard. Our enhanced compliance checks, including DBS checks and revalidation processes are the best in the industry.  Manual and paper-based reporting are so last decade, which is why we’ve partnered with a software house to bring compliance into the 21st century. This gives you full visibility of your worker details together in one place.

We use biometric timeclocks on high user sites to ensure our clients and ourselves have 100% accurate management of worker hours. This means correct payment of workers, correct invoicing for you and transparency for workers to view their time logs.

Most importantly, we implement agreed KPIs and regularly hold client review meetings to monitor performance.

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